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Godwin Maduka In Abuja Tweets Top Agenda For Anambra Elections (VIDEO)

It was yet;another engaging moment on Friday July 31st, 2020 with the Chairman Association of Nigerian Physicians in America, CEO of the Las Vegas Pain Institute Nevada, USA and prominent contender for Anambra State PDP 2021 Guber ticket Dr Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba) as he proved himself as a valuable asset to his community, state, country, political party and indeed the world at large.

Speaking from Las Vegas USA during an interview with Arise TV Abuja Station Dr Godwin Maduka made some statements that were in tandem with the expectations of both Anambra and Nigerian dream which I found irresistible, hence my decision to extract those very vital aspects of that mind-blowing interview for people that do not have access to the program link or live broadcast.
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The Harvard trained Professor in 3 medical fields of discipline Dr Godwin Maduka explained that besides the first eleven to twelve years he was in the classroom in USA, he has been at home every year afterwards to interface with the people and government authorities in view of providing quality incentives and opportunities aimed at delivering excellent services.

Evidently, his involvement in infrastructural development in parts of the state, among other interventions could not have been possible for someone who was otherwise resident abroad and not thinking home.

Some of these facilities include a 17 storeybuilding medical research centre, monastery, Court complex with Judges quarters, Police station, Trinitas hospital and maternity among over one hundred houses for his people and additional 40 flats he built and made available for visitors.


Dr Maduka made it clear that inasmuch as zoning should not be a priority in electing credible leaders, it is ideal to zone public offices temporarily considering the Nigerian factor and situation whereby some people feel marginalized by public officers that are not from their immediate constituency.

This notion according to Okosisi Orumba could be addressed by allowing areas that have not had a shot to leadership take a chance at both state and federal government until such time as the people were fully aware of the essence of public administration and importance of democracy dividends.


Reacting to questions about COVID-19 and the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine Dr Maduka explained that although he hasn’t used the combination of hydroxychloroquine, azythromycin and zinc, the Nigerian Doctor in Texas USA has claimed that she used it to cure over 300 COVID-19 patients.

He therefore advised people with confirmed cases, in his capacity as a Pharmacist and a Physician to try that combination as a remedy since it is not going to kill anyone, until a more efficacious alternative is found or Dr Stella Immanuel proved wrong through a superior medical solution.

He further emphasized how he led the delegation of Nigerian Doctors in diaspora that met with President Muhammadu Buhari as convened by the diaspora minister Abike Dabiri on account of his achievements in the medical profession, as well as his notable investments back home in Nigeria. That meeting according to him has compelled Nigerians in diaspora to invest more at home than they have done previously.


Dr Godwin Maduka commended the present and past governors of the state but highlighted the need for a broader approach to governance for which he has developed a framework that will have far-reaching effects and direct impacts on the citizens.

One of such according to the medical guru is the world-class 17 storeybuilding research centre which he described as the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, whereby he intends to settle the issue of medical tourism and attract huge foreign exchange to both Anambra State and Nigeria as his country of origin.

He emphasized his plans to partner with the World Health Organization and other reputable institutions to train personnel, manufacture genuine drugs for a wide spectrum of disease varieties and save lives through the one-stop medical research centre.
On this note I make bold to challenge other political parties in Anambra State to show us any of the aspirants in their fold with similar or matching qualities in terms of what Ndi Anambra want from a potential governor without political sentiments.
Power belongs to the people and 2021 gubernatorial election has provided yet another great opportunity for the people to assert authority to determine their socioeconomic and political future.

Source: Thepressradio.com

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