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Video: Another old woman tied to a tree and whipped

In the wake of the lynching of a 90-year-old woman, Akua Denteh in Kafaba in Gonja My News Ghana has chanced upon another video of a an old woman who has been tied to a tree whiles been lashed.

The video as shared by TV3’s Nuong Faalong, the woman could be seen trying to save herself after been tired to a tree and subjected to numerous lashes.

In describing the content of the video, Nuong Faalong explained that the language spoken in the video is Moshie, a tribe predominantly in Burkina Faso with a few settlers living in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, and Togo.

He explained that the people accused her of doing something she blatantly denied been guilty of.

A Twitter user, Babanbaba Shaibu, a native of Bawku, who could Moshie commented on Nuong Faalong’s post and explained the conversation.

Babanbaba Shaibu

they accused her of something that sounded inaudible for me in the video to which the woman flatly denied.

He went further to say she earlier agreed to which she said no. He asked how many times she did that and she said she didn’t do anything.

It’s sickening to see people take the law in their own hands and subject others to such a barbaric act especially a woman. I had a bad start to my morning watching this.

Secondly, I am convinced the actors are Burkinabes from the accent and diction. I come from Bawku where Moshe is widely spoken and I can confidently say this accent is not Ghanaian Moshe. I strongly believe this footage is from Burkina Faso until proven otherwise by an investigation. Burkinbila I. S. Kananzoe my bro from Bawku will bear me out. “


Source: mynewsghana.net

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