The women, clad in black, are seen storming a market and beating up the market women for not wearing mourning attire as parts of activities to honour their deceased queen mother, Nana Yaa Nyamah.

A defenseless stall owner is seen surrounded by about seven women, all armed with long and thick sticks. They haul, push and drag her around, all the while others hit her with all their might.

Not even the pleas of an onlooker is enough to convince them as other pounce on another person not clad in black.

Their reason, everyone must dress in black to mourn the dead queen, whether they like it or not.

This video comes after earlier videos of some men storming the streets the harass pedestrians not clad in black popped up.

More worrying, police officers of the MTTD are seen joining the attackers.

The Bono Regional Police Command has confirmed the interdiction of the said officers.

The palace authorities also claim the activities of the angry palace executioners and the unscrupulous police are not sanctioned by them.

JoyNews correspondent Precious Semevor also reported on Thursday that two of the hooligans have been arrested and handed over to the police.

Calm has been restored to the area, the reporter said as of noon Thursday. The funeral rites, he said continue unabated.