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Ghanaians STAMP ‘painful’ insults on Akufo-Addo on his own Facebook page over ambulances

Hundreds of Ghanaians with some of them perceived to be sympathizers of the opposition National Democratic Congress took to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s Facebook page to rain imprintable insults on him for organizing a “funfair” before distributing the ambulances he bought.

The president yesterday Tuesday, 28 January 2020 inaugurated the over 300 ambulances meant for emergency healthcare delivery at all the 275 constituencies across the country.

Already, over 300 EMT drivers and support staff, as well as 30 dispatchers, have been sent to the 275 constituencies to support emergency healthcare services in Ghana.

The ambulances were procured under the government’s Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP) currently being implemented by the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives.

But some Ghanaians believe the ‘fun fair’ was needless and a waste of taxpayers money.

See some of the comments:

Another funfair for basic necessities. in the end, they will tell us they spent $10 mill for having fun amidst taunting NDC. what is wrong with our black minds. Shame…shame….

u are bragging of giving 1 ambulance to a whole constituency? And U call it an achievement? I won’t blame him…he has done notin to be commissioned…so he give no chance to small coins commissions.

Aswear there is No shame in this land again. I have nothing more to say.

Thanks to all the ENLIGHTENED commentators who have advised  the Sleeping Dwarf to uplift the mediocre mindset of his #FamilyAndFriends government Because you kept all those ambulances for an election year like this, just to deceive Ghanaians that you’re doing well God will punish you and your wicked government by sending you back to opposition

When the circle interchange was commissioned by Mahama you called it mediocrity and some of us supported you. Today you’re commissioning ambulances? What should we call you? Give us the name please!

Useless post,what do you take us Ghanaians for.

God will punish you all one by one . Whiles Ghanaians are dying you use this for politics. Why do you guys make it feel like you doing us a favour. No more shame in the land… Mr. President, do you know number of people who perished or died because of lack of ambulances.

Mr president I think this should be done by the minister of health himself. There are more serious issues to deal with rather than advertising ambulances as an achievement on Facebook which Is  just a basic necessities for Ghanaians and not something to boost of

Akuffo addo wo kwasia s3 me bini Corrupt president Your predecessor who built unprecedented hospitals across this country didn’t make the show you are making today.

This is mediocre Mr President. You have a president who is so so down to the extent of believing in pageantry and sloganeering more instead of focusing on the actual effects on what the ambulance is going to have on the lives of the people, you must know that this president is heartless, very insensitive one and indeed.

You buy ambulances without one single CHIPS and not even an infirmary. When people are sick the ambulances should carry them into your office right?

Your policies always defies logic, WHY? When former president’s are talking about building hospitals, roads, universities and other monumental achievements, it is very sad we are rather here today celebrating ambulances. Sad times indeed

One Constituency $1 million per year. Have you delivered the $3 million so far? And when is this year’s $1 million going?

Do we have to commend the government for what is rightful for its citizens. I thought basic things like health, food, clothing and shelter are things we should be taken seriously not even to talk about politicing it. When we go to the pharmacy or buy food we don’t ask of political opponents of who renders the service.

Am sad for Ghana. You wait and release a very important thing like ambulance for our health care on election Day just to score points. But when you are sick you don’t even attend the very hospital you think you are helping. We thought our leaders had what it takes but I edge every youth to take their rightful places and take their destiny into their hands.

Source:  MyNewsGh.com

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