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[SLAP]: Sawla DCE’s wife slaps Npp constituency chairman over debt

The Wife of the District Chief Executive for at Sawla/ Tuna / Kalba District of the Northern Region, Madam Abubakri Ziinatu AKA Confidence, has issued a slapped in the face of the Constituency Chairman of the Npp Mr. Mohammed Fuseini over a debt.
The Chairman, in an exclusive interview, told *Joseph Wereh (local radio presenter, Yagbon Radio Bole)* that the wife of the DCE slapped him in his quest to collect money the husband owned him.
According to him, prior to the DCE’s confirmation, he asked him (Mohammed), to borrow him an amount of Gh₵37,500, of which he only paid Gh₵10,000, remaining Gh₵27,500 without been paid.
Adding, this has let to an issuance of slapped in his face by the wife last Friday when he visited the house with elders to get his money from the DCE, Hon. Lawal Tamimu.
“The DCE borrowed my money since the time of his confirmation, so I have been following him for the money I don’t get it. Last Friday he asked me to come for the money at his house, I called on some party elders in the Constituency and even from Wa, to accompany me to the DCE’s house. These elders were the Constituency Council of Elders Secretary Alhaji Mark Nuhu, Upper West Npp Patron member, popularly called Alhaji Broni and others”.
“We got there and the DCE wasn’t around, so Alhaji Broni which I borrowed the money from and also gave it to the DCE, asked the wife to know whether it is true the husband took the money. After that question, she started attacking me and the former Chairman, calling us names. I told her we are not here to fight. Before we took leave of her, she held my shirt and slapped me. But I never retaliated”.
Mr. Mohammed also debunked a publication on him that he and his executives have been receiving  monthly salary from the DCE.
According to him there is a Facebook publication that stated that he is been paid an amount of gh₵3000 and his other executives received Gh₵1,500 each, in a month. Not only that, they are also given motor bikes and signed for a contracts, picked the money and abandoned the projects. He described the publication as fault and something to tarnish his image. He however agreed that there are motor bikes, but that is for the party executives and is a usual thing.
Nevertheless, Mr. Mohammed rather mentioned 4 contracts on renovations work the DCE himself did without a single one to a party executive. He only recalled a contract he gave him and claimed that it is to cover the money he borrowed.
” I signed for a contract and later refused. I never took money too. The terms in the contract was bad. The DCE gave me two schools renovation contract of *Gh₵34,800,* and told me my balance of *Gh₵27,500* of which he owned me is part of that contract. If I should deduct my money how much will be left to do the contract? It means I can’t do the work”.
Speaking to the constituency secretary, Mr.Jonathan laamiitey, said it is true the DCE is not working up to expectation. He also denied allegation that he has received *Gh₵10,000* from the DCE. Adding that “if people are saying the DCE is sharing money to the executives, what kind of money is that? Is that money from his pocket or the government money? When there are needs of the people for him to address.” He questioned.
Mr. Johnathan revealed how Hon. Lawal himself is riding motor bike while there are parked cars at the Assembly he refused to work on. According to him, when he took office, there was a Navara pickup and Nissan patrol, all got broke down and he has now turned to a motorbike.
Adding that the DCE does not pick their calls too, describing him as a *”wrong”* person to the District.
Note; as I put this together, I have tried two good days to speak to Hon. Lawal, hear from his side and that as usual, has not been successful.
The emerging articles popping up day in and out about the Sawla/Tuna Kalba District can’t continue to be overlooked. There is a popular saying that “there is no smoke without fire”.
Recently, there is a briefed article written by the first and former DCE Hon. James Kipo Sunyehzi, and it states;
“The executives must wake up from their slumber. We are being disgraced and mocked daily by the highly incompetent DCE and a few greedy party leaders. Is that why we sacrificed so much ?
I will be coming out strongly very soon. The people of STK deserve far better than what we are seeing.
James Kipo Sunyehzi
The NPP PC , 2016
Fmr. DCE, 2004
Though the former DCE wasn’t emphatic in his briefed write up of which he promised coming back, but one could get the impulse that all is not well.
I don’t know how a Government machinery keeps it’s checks on the performance of a District Chief Executive. I believe that the performance of a Government can only be seen in a bigger picture when the grass roots are satisfied, thus, the need to check on the appointees.
I don’t begrudge the NPP Government in a larger picture, but the STK District is not well represented as a District Chief Executive of the President of this Republic.
WHY? Yes, the DCE, Hon.Lawal Tamimu  whose mandate is to ensure the day to day running of the District in terms of listening to the needs of the people, work with party executives in the constituency, work with assembly members, attend crucial meetings, move to villages and sit in his office to address people concerns is a mirage. As for the refusal to picking phone calls, be it media or any other person is now a norm.
This is the first time, a sitting DCE in STK has infractions with party executives and his own party elders in an opened. It appears nothing is right in terms of governance in the STK District of the Northern Region.


Source:  www.thepressradio.com /Ghana/Simon Tengbani


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