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Kumasi Youth Association spit on the former Suame Sub-Metro coodinator for LESDEP under NDC

The executives and Members of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA) at Suame sub-metro has spit on the former Sub Metro LESDEP Coordinator Alhassan Isham  over corruption Scandal from NDC government.
KuYA states  that, they have decided to put their spot light on the activities of Heads of various institutions, unity particularly those established  to seek for the welfare of the people in Kumasi and Asanteman at large.
KuYA promises to be firm and fair in their dealings and not care where the axe will fall.
As part of the Holy agenda seeking for the well-being of the people and to protect the public purse and have chanced on a mouth watering corruption scandal at LESDEP in Suame Sub Metro.
They continue that they believe any person suspected to be involve in corruption should not be covered up and should be made to face the full regrows of the law, so as to serve as deterrent to those serving us in the present administration having the intentions to replicate same.
With an interview with Press Radio they reveals some secret that, what cannot fathom is that personality who were suppose to lead the crusade against such people have turn into ‘Dwane Toa hene’ in our society.We would like to caution these high rank personalities who have metamorphosed into  ‘Dwane Toa Hene’ to stop or have their names mentioned to the general public. Again, we are calling on President Akufo Addo to caution members of his government/party who have become ‘Dwane Toa Hene’ pleading for these evil and corrupt doers.
Giving a gist of it, On 23rd January,2011, his office received 100 Barbering Kitset but trained only 8(eight) beneficiaries then on 30th July,2012 and 15th November,2012 set only these 2(two) people up.
Where is the 92 barbering Kitset?
 Again,between 2011 and 2014, his office received 150(Hundred and Fifty) tricycle(Pragyia) but only shared only 23(twenty-three) without any form of identification to those beneficiaries and where is other 127 tricycle(Pragyia)??
KuYA by this statement is calling for the immediate arrest of Mr Alhassan Isham the Sub Metro Coordinator at that time to enable us track all these equipments/items for Kumase.

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