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[VIDEO]: 14 year old girl reveals the secret behind Opambour

Prince Lamptey, a 33-year-old father of a lady allegedly possessed by a river god, has narrated his ordeal to TV host, Kofi Adoma seeking support from well-wishers to get her daughter back.

A native of Santasi-Anyinam in Kumasi, Prince Lamptey says he has been through a torturous experience in the past few months in a desperate attempt to bring back his only daughter, a 14-year-old girl.

His daughter allegedly got possessed by a river god at age nine after being raped by her matrilineal uncle and forced to conceal the truth by her grandmother at the expense of her life.

The father of the girl detailed that his brother-in-law had compelled his 9-year-old daughter to have sex with him on two occasions against her wish. The first time he recounted happened in the room preserved for keeping corpse during funerals and the second time by the riverside close to their farm.

Prince disclosed that the river god entered the girl after she disposed of a tissue she used in cleaning herself after the act into the river containing blood.

As a result, she randomly takes certain actions to appease the ‘spirit’ in her against her own wishes including harming her classmates to suck their blood and on an occasion going naked in an attempt to seduce the father to have sex with her.

The disturbed father regretted neglecting his daughter and leaving her with the mother from birth as the incident occurred whiles she was under her care and only got to know this after visiting a fetish priest in Cote D’Ivoire.

“This issue has been ongoing for close to 5years. My daughter was with the mother and about a year ago, my wife called and informed me of my daughter’s intention to come live with me and I agreed to it. I agreed because I thought to myself that if after years of legal tussle requesting you to give me the child, she willingly wants to come to me it must not be a problem at all.

I realised she wasn’t schooling whilst living with my wife so I enrolled her in a topnotch school in Kumasi. After a few weeks, one of her teachers confided in me that there was something awkward about my daughter and that she possesses some attributes that are not human and strange.

Days after my wife called me informing me that our child is in the grips of the police for injuring her mate in the head. When I asked my daughter what transpired she told me the ‘thing’ requested for blood and I had no option” he said in Twi.

The distraught father explained that not until he visited the Fetish priest in Cote D’Ivoire, he didn’t understand fully what was going on.

He disclosed that it was the fetish priest who revealed to him that his brother-in-law had courted the spirits to assist him to embark on those acts of sleeping with his daughter.

The said river god, a friend of the fetish priest when consulted, requested for an initial 25 cattle and a sum of GHC80, 000 but after incessantly pleading with the river god, the charge was brought down to GHC80000 and 15 cattle.

Additionally, he was instructed not to get involved in any way including using his money to pay for the cost of the charge but to let any other person preferably someone from the wife’s family or herself to do so.

The cost of failing to adhere to the wish of the river god is imprisonment of his brother-in-law or the death of his daughter.

Explaining why he hasn’t resorted to Christian priests and ‘Men of God’, father of the ‘possessed girl’ remarked in shock that all the so-called popular pastors who claim to deliver people from demonic attacks all kowtowed to her.


“The first pastor we visited was our very own Prophet one, Obinim’s church in Kumasi. He asked us to go for counselling and right after that the things my daughter was telling Ebenezer is not something that should be said openly. She accused him of being a crook who plans with people to pretend to be sick so he cures them and then challenges Prophet One to a contest.

From there I went to Reverend Obofour. She manhandled him and dared to kill all those who were pretending to be sick in the church if they do not stop whilst insisting that Reverend Opambour was in the church because of money. He asked me to go and come but now even when I call he doesn’t pick.

It was not until I visited Obinim’s church in Tema that he told me at first sight that the solution is to return the water god to its rightful place adding that no priest can ever help us but declined to go further with the explanation” he continued.

At moment, Prince Lamptey is worried because his daughter has been carried away into the forests in Kumasi for weeks now and all searches conducted to trace her whereabout proved futile.

He notes that on the day she was carried away, all locks in the house were intact but the girl mysteriously vanished and was hinted about her whereabouts by the fetish priest in Cote D’ivoire he visited.

Prince Lamptey is seeking for help to bring his daughter back as he alleges that his wife and family have shown very little interest in helping to resolve the matter but joined several others to hurl insults and attacks on him.

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