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Clubs push to dissolve GFA ExCo

There seem to be a divided front in Ghana’s football family as they seek to find solution to stop government’s intended dissolution of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

While some of the unaffected members of the Executive Committee (ExCo)of the GFA are battling government in court over the intended action, another football group, Ghana National League Clubs (GNCL) has also circulated a resolution to pass a vote of no confidence in the ExCo.

Instead of leaving the fate of Ghana football in the hands of the unaffected ExCo members, the splinter group has passed a vote of no confidence and is insisting that the ExCo is ‘dissolved’ now rather than to liaise with the international bodies and government to start the process for reforms to restore that football can return to normalcy as soon as possible.
Earlier last week, the 17 unaffected ExCo members filed a suit at the Supreme Court to challenge government’s decision to dissolve the FA as a fallout of the Anas Amereyaw Anas’ #Number12 expose, which exposed corrupt practices in Ghana football.

The ExCo members have also sent a petition to football’s world governing body, FIFA, on the same issue.

However, days after the suit was filed at the Supreme Court, the GNCL, made up of all the league clubs in the country, also released its resolution which clearly indicates, the clubs were not in support of the ExCo’s action.

Though the resolution released did not have undersigned clubs, many of the Division One League clubs officials, notably Alhaji Karim Gruzah of King Faisal, Baba Gedo of Amidaus Professionals and Charles Kwadwo Ntim (Micky Charles) of Techiman City have been very vocal defending the action of the new group.

Though the actions of the GNLC is quite synonymous to an earlier action by the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA), the new body insists it is acting on its own and very different from the known clubs’ welfare body.

Alhaji Gruzah in several interviews insisted the splinter body was made up of the club owners who were feeling the pinch of the ban on football and wanted to find a way to resolving the impasse.

“We all know the dissolution is not the answer to the issue neither does the ExCo has the mandate of the clubs to do what they are doing, hence our decision to get the resolution out to distance ourselves from the ExCo which has lost its mandate to do anything on behalf of Ghana football,” the King Faisal founder said.

The 14-point resolution by the GNLC, among others said, the ExCo had lost the moral right to represent and fight on behalf of Ghana football because the members watched on when the signs of the pending impasse were clear on the wall.

In addition, the resolution stressed that the ExCo “be considered dissolved” and that ‘the clubs, in conjunction with the government of Ghana, Confederation of African Football (CAF) and FIFA, collaborate to set into motion, the necessary processes for reforms to return Ghana football to normalcy within the shortest possible time.’

Most of the Premier League clubs contacted declined to comment, while the embattled ExCo members, insist the purported action by the GNLC is illegal as it is not in the statutes of the GFA, neither is it a known or recognised body.


Source: Graphic.com.gh

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