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Zimbabwe election update LIVE: Mnangagwa WINS presidency

  • Presidential election results give Mnangagwa large lead
  • Nine out of 10 provinces declared
  • Police storm opposition headquarters and detain 16 people
  • Troops clear people from streets of Harare
  • International observers condemn yesterday’s violence – which left six dead – and urge restraint

Electoral officials released tallies from nine out of 10 provinces.

Mr Mnangagwa had received 2.15 million votes against 1.93 million for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.The results come following days of tension across Zimbabwe which has seen at least six people killed after violence erupted on the streets.

Opposition protestors have accused Mr Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU-PF party of using the three days since the election to rig the vote in his favour.

Zimbabwe army soldiers, backed by armoured vehicles, cleared the streets of Harare yesterday (Wednesday) as opposition supporters protested the delay.

Police say six people were killed in violence in the capital. Troops armed with live ammunition were deployed to disperse protesters who had set fires and were throwing stones.

The use of troops and their heavy-handed tactics have been condemned by international observers and tarnished incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s attempts to rid Zimbabwe’s of its pariah status after decades of repression under his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

Follow the latest updates from the Zimbabwe election with Express.co.uk’s live blog:

Zimbabwe election results

Officials have begun announcing the results of Zimbabwe’s historic presidential election (Image: AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

5:25am: Harare ghost town ager post-vote violence

Harere was a ghost town on Thursday as people stayed away following Wednesday’s violence.

Troops patrolled the city telling people to “behave”.

4:44am: Zanu-PF win by narrow margin 

Zanu-PF had 50.8% of votes to 44.3% for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

By narrowly winning more than 50% of the vote, Mr Mnangagwa avoids a second run-off election against Mr Chamisa.

12:22am: Election was marred by violence

The election has been marred by the deaths of six people after the army cracked down on opposition protests.

On Wednesday, troops backed by armoured vehicles and a military helicopter were sent in to crush demonstrations by stone-throwing opposition supporters who said Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF party had rigged the elections.

Six people were killed as soldiers, some with their faces obscured by camouflage masks, opened fire with automatic weapons.

11:50pm :  Zanu-PF WIN Zimbabwe election as Mnangagwa becomes President

The ruling Zanu-PF party have won the Zimbabwe presidential election.

Emerson Mnangagwa has beaten MDC Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa.

According to the news service Reuters, Mnangagwa won 2.46 million votes, or 50.8 percent.

Chamisa received 2.15 million.

11:33 pm: Opposition party reject result 

Opposition party MDC Alliance have rejected the result of the election because they were not able to verify the results, according to the party chairman.

11:18pm: Commonwealth condemn military force 

Observers from the Commonwealth, a group of mainly former British colonies that Mnangagwa had hoped to rejoin, did not mince words in condemning the military’s conduct.

“We categorically denounce the excessive use of force against unarmed civilians,” former Ghanaian president John Mahama said on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Caitlin Doherty takes over reporting from Harvey Gavin 

10.10pm: Mnangagwa takes large lead

Emmerson Mnangagwa is on course to be elected as Zimbabwe’s president after securing a large lead over opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Officials from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced the results of nine out of ten of the country’s provinces.

The remaining results are due to be announced later.

9.45pm: Officials begin announcing results

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission have started releasing results from the country’s historic presidential election, three days after citizens went to the polls.

Commissioners representing the country’s electoral regions are reading the results from their areas.

Both incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa have claimed victory in the contest.

Riot police in Harare

Police sealed off the opposition HQ in Harare before storming the building (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

Zimbabwe police outside the MDC HQ

16 people were detained by police outside the MDC HQ (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

9.25pm: Results due to be announced soon

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced earlier the results from the presidential contest would be released from 9pm BST (10pm local time).

7.30pm: Opposition leader reluctant to mount legal challenge against results

Nelson Chamisa, head of the Movement for Democratic Change, says he is reluctant to challenge the results of the presidential election in court – despite claiming to have won the vote.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, the opposition leader questioned the independence of Zimbabwe’s courts.

He said: “When you go into the court you are going into the lion’s den. We are not about to be a meal for lions. So we are very circumspect.”

Mr Chamisa has claimed victory in the presidential poll, saying electoral officials would have released the results by now if his opponent had enough votes to win.

5.35pm: ‘Army still needed’

Zimbabwean police say soldiers will continue to assist officers to provide security.

Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said the situation in the country, particularly the capital Harare, remains tense.

READ MORE: Opposition supporters hold on to ‘flicker of hope’ for Chamisa victory

Zimbabwe riot police in Harare

Riot police have been deployed in Harare for the second day (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

5.15pm: Death toll from yesterday’s violence rises to six

Police have revealed six people were killed in violence on the streets of Harare yesterday.

Three people died yesterday and a further three who were injured in clashes between opposition supporters, police and Zimbabwe army troops died in hospital.

Witnesses said at least one of those killed yesterday was shot dead by soldiers who opened fire on opposition protesters with live ammunition.

4.40pm: Police storm opposition headquarters

Police with a warrant have entered the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party and detained 16 people.

Officers in riot gear have been stationed outside the building in the capital Harare.

Nelson Chamisa

Mr Chamisa said he is reluctant to challenge the election results in court despite claiming victory (Image: AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

4.10: Zimbabwe army ‘to be deployed to more cities TOMORROW’ – source

More troops will be deployed on the streets of major cities across Zimbabwe tomorrow, a source in the country has told Express.co.uk.

Soldiers are preparing to be sent to Bulawayo, Masving, Gweru and Kadoma.

At least three people were killed on the streets of the capital Harare yesterday after army troops were sent in to disperse protestors.

3.30pm: Presidential results ‘tonight’ – official

Zimbabwe’s electoral commissioner says the results of the presidential contest will start being announced tonight.

Qubani Moyo said results would be published from 9pm BST (10pm local time).

Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa said the delay in announcing the results meant his opponent had lost (Image: REUTERS)

3.20pm: British embassy condemns violence

Britain’s top diplomat in Harare has met with Zimbabwean ministers to insist troops should be removed from the streets of the capital.

A statement issued by the British embassy said: “Zimbabwe is experiencing a period of heightened tension.

“All political leaders have a responsibility to ensure they do not raise tensions or issue statements that make violence more likely.”

3.10pm: Mnagagwa ‘knows he has lost’ – opposition leader

Nelson Chamisa has claimed his opponent, the incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa, knows he has lost in the presidential election.

The opposition leader said the results of the contest would have already been announced if Mr Mnangagwa had enough votes to win.

Harvey Gavin taking over from Daniel Khalili-Tari on live reporting.

Zimbabwe election: Police and Chamisa

Zimbabwe election: Results from the presidential vote are due tonight (Image: REUTERS)

2.40pm update: Opposition party employees locked inside headquarters

Twenty-seven employees of the opposition group Movement for Democratic Change who were carrying out voter tabulation have been locked inside the party’s headquarters after Zimbabwe police sealed off the building, Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora said.

2.09pm update: The Commonwealth demands results are released as soon as possible

The Commonwealth has urged the election commission to declare a winner in the Zimbabwe election promptly in the hope it will ease tensions.

There is widespread speculation the results have been manipulated.

John Dramani Mahama, the former leader of Ghana who is head of the Commonwealth election observers, said: “We express profound sadness at the outbreak of violence by supporters of the opposition and the excessive use of force by the security services in the last 24 hours.

“We extend our sympathies to the families and loved ones of all those affected by these deeply troubling incidents. The electoral process is yet to be concluded. The greatest test of leadership is called for now. All parties must exercise Patrice and restraint while we wait of the announcement of full results.

1.05pm update: Think tank claims fake news

The Election Resource Centre in Zimbabwe, which describes itself as a non-partisan think tank on elections and democracy, has said an incorrect statement alleging election rigging has been circulated in its name.

The claim comes after comments from President Emmanuel Mnangagwa of “fake news”.

Zimbabwe fake news election

A ‘fake news’ article alleging vote rigging has been circulated in Zimbabwe (Image: TWITTER)

12.50pm update: Zimbabwe President rebukes claims army have been clearing Harare

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman said on state television that there was no order issued by the army to clear central Harare and termed such reports as “fake news”.

George Charamba said: “My message today to all Zimbabweans is that today is a normal working day. They must go about their business as always.”

Some Zimbabwean shopkeepers said they had been ordered by soldiers to close and leave the centre of the capital on Thursday, the day after three people were killed by troops sent in to disperse crowds of opposition supporters.

Zimbabwe election: Country reeling after 3 die in protest

12.05pm update: Zanu-PF triumph in parliamentary election

All of the results from Monday’s parliamentary election in Zimbabwe have now been announced, with the governing Zanu-PF Party emerging as the dominant player.

The party won 145 seats out of a total of 210, according to a tweet from the national broadcaster.

Voters are still waiting for the result of Monday’s presidential election.

Results from the Zimbabwe election

Results from the Zimbabwe election (Image: TWITTER)

11.37am update: Zimbabwe Electoral Commission site hacked, organisation confirms

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (Zec) website was hacked on Wednesday, the organisation has confirmed.

Commissioner, Qhubani Moyo, told journalists in Harare that Zec took the website down “within 11 minutes of the hacking”.

A minibus driver reads a daily in front of empty stalls and a large campaign poster (Image: AFP/GETTY)

11.18am update: Greater clarity due at upcoming press conference

A Zimbabwe election official has said a conference will be called at 3pm GMT to provide greater clarity on when the presidential election results will be announced.

Previous reports of the results being announced at 7pm GMT have been confirmed as inaccurate.

11.09am update: “We must lead by example” says Zimbabwe President

In a series of tweets, the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has encouraged the country to unify.

Mr Mnangagwa said differences should be settled “peacefully and respectfully”.

11.01am update: US Embassy tells Americans to ‘stay at home’

The US Embassy in Harare has advised its citizens in the country to stay at home and use “caution”.

Mnagagwa tweet

President Mnagagwa called for peace following yesterday’s violence (Image: TWITTER)

US embassy Harare

US authorities warned American citizens to avoid the centre of Harare after yesterday’s violence (Image: FACEBOOK)

10.55am update: Former Ghanian President condems violence

Observers of Zimbabwe’s elections have condemned the army’s use of force to break up opposition protests in Harare.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he had been talking to opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, in an attempt to defuse tensions after the clashes led to the death of three opposition protesters.

Former Ghanian President, John Mahama, said: “We categorically denounce the excessive use of force against unarmed civilians.”

Zimbabwe election

The government said that the army was deployed in central Harare to assist police in restoring order (Image: AFP/GETTY)

10.45am update: Election results due

Zimbabwe’s Electoral Commissioner has said it will start announcing presidential election results “very soon”.

10.30am update: Harare centre evacuated

Shopkeepers have been ordered to close and leave the centre of Harare by Zimbabwean soldiers, two store-owners have said.

The order comes just a day after violence broke out onto the streets and left three opposition protesters dead.

The opposition claim the results have been rigged in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe army troops in Harare

Zimbabwe army troops have been deployed on the streets of Harare for a second day (Image: EPA)

Zimbabwe protests

Backed by armoured vehicles troops cleared protesters from the Harare streets on Wednesday (Image: GETTY)

Harare protests

Protestors burned posters from president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign in demonstrations yesterday (Image: EPA)

10.00am update: Zimbabwe leaders urged to call for calm

Zimbabwe’s political leaders have been called on to ensure calm and restraint by Britain after three opposition protesters were killed in post-election clashes in Harare.

A minister at the Foreign Office, Harriet Baldwin, said the situation was being monitored “closely”.

Ms Baldwin tweeted: “Deeply concerned by today’s violence in Harare. Call on ‘s political leaders to take responsibility for ensuring calm and restraint at this critical moment. We’re monitoring the situation closely.”

Protests in Harare

Police used rubber bullets and teargas to disperse the protestors before troops were deployed (Image: EPA)

Zimbabwe election: Man reading newspaper

At least six people were killed in violence in Harare yesterday (Image: EPA)

9.45am update: Death of protestors to see inquiry launched

Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has promised an inquiry into the death of three opposition protesters who were killed during post-election clashes.

In a series of twets Mr Mnangagwa expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and urged the country to move forward together.

Mr Mnangagwa tweeted: “I am calling…for an independent inquiry into what occurred in Harare yesterday. We believe in transparency and accountability, and those responsible should be identified and brought to justice.”

Zimbabwe election: Channel 4 reporter caught in crossfire

9.15am update: British journalists caught in crossfire in Harare

Channel 4 News have revealed that they were caught in the “perilous” crossfire during yesterday’s protests in Zimbabwe.

Members of the news team were forced to run for cover as gunfire eurpted on the streets of the capital, Harare.

Channel 4 News’ Jonathan Miller, said: “We moved with the surging crowd.

“Rocks were thrown into the compound of the ruling ZANU-PF party. This was the response

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