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Xenophobic attacks at Suame magazine, garages disappointed in divisional police command

Executives of Ghana National Association of Garages- Ashanti have announced that they are highly disappointed in the Divisional Police Command of Suame Constituency over their failure to arrest any of the indegineous spare parts dealers who staged the recent barbaric xenophobic attacks on Nigerian traders at Suame Magazine.
Executives of the association claim that during the heat of the callous incident, they reported some perpetrators of the diabolic attacks to the Divisional Police Commander for Suame in a meeting at his office but hitherto, the later has not arrested any of them.
Local traders who hurled the venomous attacks on Nigerian traders at Suame Magazine according to allegations raised by the Vice Chairman of Ghana National Association of Garages Mr Lukman Nuhu Mohammed were pushed by the Executives of Ghana Union Traders Association GUTA to carry out the  barbaric protest, adding that a similar diabolic plot was carried out during the tenure of the former President John Dramani Mahama.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with THE PRESS RADIO, Mr Lukman Nuhu Mohammed recalled that when the region was under the watch former regional minister Hon Samuel Sarpong, persons and executives of GUTA who masterminded the then xenophobic attacks on Nigerians trading at Suame magazine were arrested by the police.
Mr Lukman expressed feelings of shock over why the Suame Divisional Police Commander despite  the level of brutalities and injuries inflicted on most Nigerian spare parts dealers in the recent attack has not recorded any arrest so far.
The regional chairman for Ghana National Association of Garages Hon Nana Osei Bonsu in a press statement indicated that they are not in support of the action executed by the local traders since they have no right whatsoever to take the law into their hands upon the false reason that Nigerians are killing their business.
According to him, indigenous spare parts dealers at the business hub in question have no moral right to stop Nigerians from engaging in any business because Suame Magazine is under the total watch and control of the leadership of Ghana National Association of Garages( comprising artisans)  and not spare parts dealers.
According to a dramatic development, executives of Ghana National Association of Garages are on the nerves of the indigenous spare parts dealers who are members of GUTA. They hold the strong argument that the latter are seriously killing their industry by putting up huge buildings at Magazine which they have offered for rent to Nigerians.
They continued to finger that most spare parts dealers and for that matter members of GUTA do not offer any support to the Garages Association who are custodian of Suame Magazine.
” Ghana National Association of Garages, the custodian of magazine lands pays billions of cedis as ground rent to the lands commission but most of these indigenous spare parts dealers do not give Garages Association any support” Hon Nana Osei Bonsu indicated.
The chairman for the association appealed to government to allow Nigerians trading in the area to carry out their businesses without any problem or interference from any quarters.
Souce: www.thepressradio.com / Enock Akonnor.

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