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WATCH: Silly leopard taking on porcupine at high speed will make your day!

A leopard vs porcupine is but one of the iconic sightings that everyone wants to see.

Ard van de Wetering had an opportunity to capture that sighting on film on his trip to the Kruger National Park recently.

What an exciting way to end an annual 2-week Kruger vacation. Van de Wetering told LatestSightings.com, “A leopard disappeared into a culvert. Unfortunately for the porcupine, it was hiding there as well. Shortly thereafter, both the leopard and porcupine appeared right next to our vehicle, porcupines indeed have a brilliant self-defence mechanism.

”On a Sunday afternoon my wife and I, decided to take a last game drive Southwest of Shingwedzi on the R52 gravel road, about a km Northeast of the Tshanga / Bateleur turnoff. It was a cold and windy day, and we did not expect much. The road is very scenic though, and we were driving slowly and enjoying the moment. All 4 our children had decided to remain at the camp, so they missed all the action. This was what bothered us most – not being able to share it with them! It was a once in a lifetime sighting. I have seen footage of leopard and porcupine interaction in the past, but in my wildest dreams I did not think that we will also experience it first-hand one day.”

What’s especially funny about this sighting is that they speed the video up halfway through – making the ‘cat and mouse’ antics look even more comical. Take a look.

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“It was as if the leopard gave up, or got bored after a while. It was clearly inexperienced, and the porcupine had all the tricks in the book. At one stage the porcupine even lied flat on its belly making sure that the leopard was not able to flick it over.

“The leopard soon lied down as well, even closing its eyes! The porcupine stayed put though, even when the leopard moved to the side of the road. It dashed after a few nyala that crossed the road behind our vehicle. The porcupine remained in the middle of the road though. Unfortunately, we had to leave for camp and did not see whether the leopard returned.”

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