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I’m doing better under Akufo-Addo than I was under my brother – Ibrahim Mahama

“Today NPP is in power, i likely won’t get favors but I’m doing better than i was doing when my brother was President”.

Ibrahim Mahama, speaking at the 2018 GRASSAG Entrepreneurship Seminar sought to clarify ‘mischievous’ perceptions and claims that sought to suggest that his brother’s position as Vice President or President at the time influenced contracts he acquired which resultantly influenced his wealth.

According to him, his brother had not conceived the idea of pursuing a political career at the time he had started his business struggles and was eventually pulling through.

“I started my business in 1996/97, at that time, John Mahama was now thinking of, he didn’t even think, he used to work in plan international then when I started my business and he was now thinking of becoming an MP and he picked up the form and became an MP so I was who I was”.

For purposes of mischief and propaganda he noted, persons in the New Patriotic Party decided to sabotage him by linking his success to his brother’s political status at the time.

“A lot more of the NPP even know this but the ones who want to create mischief are the ones who throw it in there”….I became successful much more in [President] Kufour’s time because I had nobody around my neck. I rather regret when my brother became vice-president…It became a problem for me in my business.”’

The owner of one of Africa’s biggest mining contractors said determination and the urge to make money for himself was the motivation for him from the very beginning for which reason he can enjoy his wealth without fear of being chased or prosecuted.

He urged graduates to let innovation be their benchmark as they develop ideas and businesses consequently from which others can benefit in the future.

He also urged politicians to desist sabotaging Ghanaian businesses and rather promote businesses which in turn will create employment opportunities for emerging graduates nationwide.

“In Ghana we have the best talents, I hear politicians saying we don’t have the capacity, it’s a lie, if they don’t know, we are telling them we know, there’s nothing in this country Ghanaians can never do but unfortunately we are limited, those of us in business don’t want to get into politics because the money side in business is much interesting than in politics”, he stated.

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