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BREAKING NEWS: Apremdo chief destooled for ‘pursuing selfish agenda’



Kingmakers of Apremdo Division in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis have destooled Nana Egya Kwamina XI popularly known in the private life as William Eghan as the Chief of Apremdo for disrespecting the stool and pursuing a selfish agenda.

The deposed chief was enstooled as the chief of Apremdo after a protracted chieftaincy dispute which had left the community without a chief for some time now.

The kingmakers as part of their customary duties, advised Nana Egya Kwamina XI to desist from engaging himself in any activities that bring the office of the stool he occupies into disrepute.

Addressing the media at a press conference on Friday, spokesperson, John Nat Panyin on behalf of the Ebusuapanyin Dominic Yalley, described the conduct of the deposed chief as uncivilized, uncultured and a total disgrace to chieftaincy in Ghana.

He alleged that the deposed chief had misconducted himself publicly by physically assaulting his subjects as well as allowing the indiscriminate sale of stool lands.

He said the deposed chief deceived him and one Obaapanyin Yaa Kwesi-Efua to subscribe their names to a writ to destool the Queen mother when they had no intentions to do so.

Ebusuapanyin Yalley, therefore, called on the security agencies not to interfere in the affairs of Apremdo chieftaincy issues in order not to create unnecessary tension in the community.

He also called on corporate bodies, various institutions and the general public not to engage the deposed chief in matters pertaining to the stool of Apremdo.




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