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Abura Lands Belongs To Ebiradze Royal family – Brempong Kodwo



The Ebusuapanyin of the Brempong Kodwo Ebiradze family at Abura suburb at Cape Coast in the Central Region has rubbished claims by the Agyir Ansah – Ebiradze family that they are custodian of Abura community lands.
According to Mr Agyare Kotompo, head of the Royal Brempong Kodwo Ebiradze family has no lineage to the stool of Abura and its land.
He stressed that,the Agyir Ansah family has contested the issue in court but lost and therefore cannot claim ownership of Abura lands.
It would be recalled that the Agyir Ansah family of Abura Asebu suburb of Cape Coast recently held a press conference and alleged that Mr Agyare Kotompo was illegally selling their lands.
At the presser,Mr Kwesi Afful who is youth leader of Abura Ansah Ebiradze family last month alleged that over the years lands for generations yet for unborn have been stolen and by Kotompo .
Reacting to the Agyir Ansah’s press conference in an exclusive interview with Kwame Kakraba Tv3 reporter Mr Kotompo said the allegations were unfounded.
“Agyir Ansah Ebiradze family is not the founders of Abura and as such they do not have lands of their own since all Abura lands belongs to Brempong Kodwo Royal family” he stated.
He explained that the secured judgement an April 18,2018 at cape coast court which declared us the legitimate owner of Abura lands.
” the impression croted by them that they are supreme over everybody is false and that they should be avoided and condemined” he added.
‘On record,they cannot show with any documentary evidence that their leader,Agyir Ansah founded Abura or played any role concerning how Abura came into existence’ he explained.
Mr Kotompoh added that at the Court of Appeal in Cape Coast,the appeal in respect of the High Court date July 8,2016 was refused and cost of CH¢300,00 was awarded in favor of the appellant.
He mentioned that he was a law abiding citizen who would not do anything to undermine the peaceful in the area.
Subsequently a counter press conference has been organised by the Brempong Kodwo Ebiradze Royal family which they claimed was meant to act the records.
On his part of the press conference ,Nana Kotompoh therefore called the public to disgust any allegations made by the Mr Kwesi Afful leader of Agyir Ansah Ebiradze family against him for using landgurds threatening residents living at Abura lands.
”is not true, am challenging him so called Kwesi Afful to prove his evidence that, i Nana Kotompoh involved on  such bad practice (landgurd activities)” he stated
The Brempong Kodwo Ebiradze family assured individual acquired lands from the family to continuing their projects without fear,the family are sold behind them.

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