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Ghana’s Artists Abroad: DJ Titanium drills a fast path into Asian entertainment



Doubling as an artiste and dj in the Chinese entertainment industry playing anything close to the western vibes as an African would have been an impossible feat, but DJ Titanium easily does it with his groovy turntablist skills and mainstream-potential music. He’s been super admired by many Chinese followers and his fast-growing fan base is a proof his works will span the entire Asia over time as his popularity expands beyond China.

DJ Titanium entered China in 2013 on a job permit as a professional English teacher, but his compelling burning passion for music wouldn’t see him confined to just teaching, it drove him into continuing what he has started in Ghana: music.

For Tita, it’s a breeze juggling work and music in China as a salaried teacher living on a private institution payroll and an event dj making some pretty side spot wages off multiple public function engagements.

Titanium’s works ripe for prime time popularity when he appeared in two Chinese news papers: one as a dj after he put out an impressive play at the Summer Fest Gegentala (Hohhot) and two as a supporting artiste when he delivered an upper class performance the English Festival (Hohhot). Both events were attended by several prominent Chinese big shots form whom Titanium earned instant admiration.

As a major urban contemporary gospel musician, DJ Titanium has released “Jesus Is Here”, “Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul”, “For The Lord”, “Jesus Lamb of God”, “I Give You My Heart”, “Apple of My Eye” and the very latest cut “Had I Known”. He also has “For My Lady”.

Aside songwriting and singing, Titanium is a record producer with over a decade experience and a professional multi-instrumentalist.

Currently, DJ Titanium is a post graduate student at Liaocheng university, China


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