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Tell us who are culpable in the visa scandal – CmaC to Akufo Addo



Co-chair of the Citizens’ Movement Against Corruption Edem Senanu has called on President Akufo-Addo to do the needful, by telling Ghanaians who and who embarrassed the nation in the visa scandal that hit the nation during the commonwealth games in Australia.

His comments comes on the back of the President’s recent announcement that the investigation into the recent Australia Commonwealth games visa scandal showed that Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Hadzide was not complicit.

Speaking during the National Delegates Congress of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Koforidua in the Eastern Region on Saturday, President Akufo Addo said he’s had to reinstate Hon. Pius Enam Hadzide after he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the CID.

“Upon my return from South Africa on a state visit I’ve received the report on the Australian Visa scandal which has exonerated the suspended Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports from any complicity in the visa fraud. I’ll lift his suspension on Monday and return him to office.

Mr. Hadzide was suspended after 60 Ghanaians who were in Australia for the commonwealth games were detained and deported for acting as journalists. According to Australian authorities, they were not convinced by the reasons given by the so-called journalists hence there detention.

But speaking on 3news today, 09th July, 2018, Mr. Senanu said it’s not enough for the President to announce the exoneration of his staffs even without the full CID report made public but the President should also take interest in naming anyone who is found complicit in any wrongdoing.

“The challenge of most of us, is that the report has not been made public, given that Ghana`s rank was affected and all of us as nationals were embarrassed by the situation, it was better for the President to have talked about who was found accountable for this actions” he said.

He noted that, the embarrassment incurred by the nation as a result of the visa scandal is very terrible and therefore someone must be held responsible for the damages caused the nation.

“Somebody should be held culpable for what has gone wrong, systems that have failed should to be closely examined and when the President does not speak to us out the report on these issues, then it leaves the wrong impression.” He added.



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