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‘I failed my way to success’ – 24-year-old African millionaire



Twenty-four-year-old millionaire, Sashin Govender, whose net worth is over $10 million, has encouraged young entrepreneurs and persons seeking to succeed in life not to quit in the face of perennial failure because he failed his way to success.

The young entrepreneur believes failure is part of working ones way to the top, adding that how a person reacts to failure, coupled with hard work, an attitude of gratitude and work ethics, determines how successful he or she will become.

Speaking to host of the Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) Moro Awudu, on Class91.3FM on Thursday, 5 July 2018, the young South African urged young entrepreneurs to adopt unique work ethics.

Explaining what he meant, Govender said: “Firstly, every single individual has unbelievable work ethics and unbelievable work ethics means there is no specific hours when you’re an entrepreneur, there is no such thing like I’m going to work from 9am to 5pm.

“There is no such thing as I’m going out there and have eight hours of sleep, an entrepreneur works 24- hours a day, receives calls at any given time and just outworks any single individual.”

Citing his own example, Govender said: “I failed my way to success, I failed so many times that I don’t really question the matter of time I failed, the only time I quit is the time I succeed. How do you know you are successful, not by the things you actually have but among the success stories you can create”.

“I have 60 people who made over $100,000 through my work ethics, under my umbrella, so that’s how I measure success, I don’t measure success by cars, I don’t measure success by the material things… I measure success in helping other people do something that I couldn’t do, something better than I can do, I just want to leave a legacy, I just want to help enough people win big in life.”

He added that although work ethics is vital in his success story, entrepreneurs must adopt an attitude of gratitude.

“You’ve got to have the attitude of gratitude, the more you thank the Lord, the more you put God first the more you start to attract success and get reward.”



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