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Don’t be scared,Ghana card Anas – Educationist



Assistant registrar for Ghana Technology University College Mr George Akom has called on minority in parliament to quit politicising the registration requirements for the Ghana Card.

The requirements for registration which are birth certificate and a national passport Mr. Akom noted was a carefully thought criterion arrived at by the National Identification Authorities and should therefore be embraced by all.

The forgoing statement made by Mr George Akom is premised on arguments made by the minority in parliament that NIA should make the national voters’ ID card one of the requirements of the requirements for registration.

Speaking to THE PRESS RADIO in an exclusive interview, Mr George Akom, the much talked about educationist shudered over why the minority who were part of the review committee never raised such an issue but waited until the L.I was passed.
“They were part of the review and should have raised that concern” he indicated.

Mr Akom warned that the inclusion of the voters ID card has the chances of creating great harm to the system considering the number of non- nationals who through illegal means have been able to acquire voters ID.

“The voters ID card we all aware created many issues during 2018 election period so why should some still call for its inclusion as a requirement for the Ghana Card registration” he said.

“The two requirements will not cause any palava since on a higher percentage, they can identify the originality of ones nationality. Those who still have issues should understand that there is an option under this registration process which permits anyone who has none of the requirements to be vouched for by a relative” he stressed.

Mr George Akom made a strong call on the minority and Ghanaians to take time to understand the concept and accept it.

Source: / Enock Akonnor

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