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I never accused Ridge Hospital of stealing my baby but I want my baby dead or alive – Father

The husband of woman who delivered twins at Ridge Hospital, John K.Galbuja, is claiming that the management of Ridge Hospital has refused to provide the remains of one of his twins.

Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Frontline today [Monday], he said, the hospital told him his babies were premature and that the babies would be placed in an incubator, only to be told six days after delivery precisely 16th May 2018 that, one of the babies died.

Till date I have not received any feedback directly from the time the media took this issue up.

“The management of Ridge hospital has not contacted me officially to discuss the issue whatsoever, only to hear them on radio that a mass burial has been done based on an announcement on radio after several months.

They also alleged that I had run away, and they called me a number of times and I haven’t responded”, he explained. Responding to some allegations levelled against him about some documents he refused to sign, John K. Galbuja said,” No documents have been brought to him to sign.

What benefits do I stand to gain if I refuse to sign? I have complied with everything the hospital has requested of me from the time that my wife was hospitalized (From 27TH MAY- 13TH JUNE)”.

Adding, Mr John K. Gabulja said he hasn’t taken any legal actions against Ridge Hospital instead he is only acting based on the advice by legal practitioners.”

Mr. John K. Gabulja clarified some rumours against him saying that he has not accused the hospital for stealing his baby.

“My wife and I have not doubted the credibility of the management. I am for now giving the management the benefit of the doubt and only requesting for the remains of my child”, he stressed.


Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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