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I’ll end press freedom if I’m made president – A Plus



Outspoken supporter of the ruling NPP, Kwame Asare Obeng, better known as A Plus has threatened to close down many media houses if he ever becomes president of Ghana.

According to him, the media in the country have been misinforming Ghanaians and as such do not deserve the press freedom they enjoy.

He says he will ‘squeeze’ the media if he becomes president.

The controversial musician who made this threat in a Facebook video called on Ghanaians who can’t voice out their frustrations to support the few who are advocating for the right thing to be done instead of listening to what the media is reporting.

“When I finish doing this video instead of the media going to publish that it is our money that we are asking government to use to fix street lights for us they will go and change the headline and you want me to give you freedom when you are enemies of the state?”

He added that “if you make me president of this country, there are two things I will do first. I will close down many churches, I’ll close down plenty media houses”.

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