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LOAD-SHEDDING: Schedules, info, and how it affects you



JOHANNESBURG – Eskom on Saturday announced that stage two load-shedding would commence at 5pm.

Earlier, the power utility called on consumers to assist by reducing their electricity consumption to minimise the risk of load shedding.

The cash-strapped power utility said that while it was in a better position than on Friday, “with the incoming cold weather, we anticipate added pressure on the system and call on all customers to use electricity efficiently throughout the day.”

On Friday night, the parastatal announced the suspension of load-shedding.

This after the power giant implemented level one load-shedding earlier on Friday amid a strike by employees over pay increases.

The parastatal’s spokesperson on Friday warned it would be a “difficult weekend” as a cold front approached Gauteng.

The process of reducing electricity demand is known as load-shedding.

INFOGRAPHIC: Load-shedding explained

Should load-shedding resume, the schedule can be found on Eskom’s site, where you type in your suburb to find out if you are affected.

If you don’t pay your electricity bill directly to Eskom but to a municipal electricity supplier like City Power in Johannesburg, you need to visit your city’s utility website to get load-shedding information.



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