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Anita De-Sosoo is a crook – Jerry John Rawlings



Former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings has described the First Vice Chair of his party, the NDC, Anita De-Sosoo, as a ‘crook’.

Jerry John Rawlings in an address in a viral video described an act by Anita De-Sosoo at the 39th anniversary of the uprising of June 4 which was held at the Madina Social Welfare School Park, where she knelt and begged the founder of the party to ‘forgive’ members of the NDC for their ‘sins’ as an act of hypocrisy by a crook.

He said, “…she is a crook. She’s lucky I don’t talk about her. What she did was pre-planned. Yeah, the woman on the stage, June 4, when she went on her knees. How can a woman come on her knees pleading for forgiveness for the party instead of accepting it graciously and letting it go.”

Jerry John Rawlings recalled how Anita De-Sosoo used a similar tactic some years ago to maneuver her way into winning an election to become the NDC’s Women’s organizer.

He recounts how Anita De-Sosoo knelt before his wife [Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings], grabbed her feet and touted “my mother, my mother, oh this and that and that…” in a move that would later see her win an election as a women’s organizer in the party.

Anita began her political career as a serial caller and rose through the ranks as a ward women’s organiser, a constituency women’s organiser, a former national deputy propaganda secretary.

She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from the Ghana Institute of Public Administration (GIMPA).


Anita Se-Sosoo on Monday June 4, 2018, went on her knees to beg the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, who continues to criticize members of his party for going against the values upon which the party was founded – probity and accountability. In a seemingly emotional speech, she pleaded on behalf of the party for all sins committed.

“Now to my father – Founder, I know your children we have erred and I also know that you are a human being and you have also done something may be it is not right. And I was so happy when I heard you say that when you brought a statement out, rendering an apology – you are a hero. You are a hero. This shows that what you have thought me is still within me. If you are a leader, be prepared to say that I am sorry. If you are a child, be prepared to say that daddy I’m sorry. So, I will take this opportunity on behalf of the party to kneel down before my dad – please forgive us. Let us come together to build this country”, Anita De-Sosoo pleaded with the former Ghanaian Head of State.

She added, “I wish to advice party members, let’s respect and love those who have sacrificed for us. Let’s respect and sacrifice for those who have helped us. He [Rawlings] has sacrificed, he has suffered and this is the time he needs us most. So, please we are bound to make mistakes but as a party, he is our father. What are we doing so that in future, someone can also sacrifice his or herself for this party if we do not give him the due respect?”.


Source: ghanaweb

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