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God made a mistake in putting all musical instruments in Lucifer – Rev. Lamptey



Rev Abraham Lamptey of Believers House of Worship International has added his voice to the number of preachers who believe God made several mistakes which have had great repercussions on the human race.

While the Bible teaches Christians to see God as all knowing, perfect and all powerful, some men of God believe otherwise, suggesting that although He is God, He did make certain gross mistakes like in Rev Lamptey’s case where he believes God made a mistake when he gave Lucifer who according to the bible was originally an angel, all the instruments.

Lucifer according to the Bible was the head of music in heaven until he rebelled and was expelled from heaven along with his music prowess.
Speaking during the launch of Tehilla Experience 2018 in Accra, Rev Lamptey argued that God giving the devil so much strength in music has made it hard to top that.

“Worship is not because you know how to control the musicians, it is not because you have the best sound, because God made a mistake in putting all the instruments in Lucifer. So when Lucifer left heaven, heaven was denied and deprived of a complete set of instruments. So he made you as the keyboard, you as the lead guitar, and you as the combo.
All of us are one instrument, different from the other but the problem is we do not know which kind of instrument we are and because of that, God misses Lucifer a lot. Because we are not giving him a better worship than the one he threw away. And if we don’t look for the right worship he will keep missing Lucifer.

Rev Abraham Lamptey, also advised Christians to beware of false, inconsistent and roaming worship leaders who have little or no control, describing them as ‘Satan worshippers’.

Rev. Lamptey warned that although everything about a worship leader sometimes may come off as authentic especially when people are falling (a sign of wonders happening in Christianity), that does not validate the man of God.

“We have emotional worship, so people will fall down for you to think there is a presence, it could be Satan pushing people to the ground. Watch before you celebrate, because hear me if you are not careful, you will be worshipping another God, because of the worshipper. But the truth of the matter is, when worship becomes buyable, sinful rich can be God’s food. If worship can be bought, the sinner who has money can organize worship programmes. So let us make worship too expensive and the only way to make it expensive is to let people know that their money cannot buy it so come for it,’ he added.

“Worship is a weapon that if it’s not controlled, it destroys. So don’t celebrate a worshipper who has no pastor, who can tell him or her, sit down and they will sit. Stop celebrating gallivanting worshippers, they are Satan anointed worshippers, they cannot submit, just like Lucifer.



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