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Death of 70-year-old: We had 45 emergencies on the night – Ridge Hospital




The Medical Director at the Ridge Hospital has subtly suggested health workers cannot be blamed for the recent death of a 70-year-old man.

Emmanuel Kwabena Sorofonyo said the hospital was completely overwhelmed the night on which Prince Anthony Opoku Acheampong was reported to have died.

Speaking to Joy News, he said there were 45 emergency cases on that night alone for a hospital that has 44 emergency beds.

He suspects the deceased may have been one of the patients turned away for lack of space or may have been driven away out of impatience by the persons who brought him.

Prince Anthony Opoku Acheampong died in his car after he was reportedly refused admission by seven public health institutions including Ridge and Lekma.

The hospitals were reported to have cited lack of beds as a reason for their failure to admit the patient.

He died shortly after he was rejected by the seventh hospital.

Wife of the deceased, in tears, told Joy News her husband was turned away by a sleeping doctor.

Even when she went on her knees to beg the doctor at the Ridge Hospital to at least administer first aid to her husband that did not happen.

The death of the 70-year-old has sparked nationwide anger and agitation with a campaign against the no bed syndrome becoming increasingly popular.

Parliament has demanded an explanation from the Ridge and Lekma hospitals on the death of the 70-year-old.

The Ridge Hospital Medical director, Emmanuel Kwabena Sorofonyo told Joy News the hospital has completed a preliminary report for the perusal of director general.

According to him, “on the day of the death the staff had received so many emergencies they were unable to receive others.”

“It was a busy night. 45 emergencies,” he stated adding, he could not tell if the deceased person was among persons turned away.

He said the hospital is working to provide a final report in the next two weeks after conducting a preliminary report on the matter.

Emmanuel Kwabena Sorofonyo said it will be “premature” to draw final conclusions on a preliminary report.

On the controversy about the death of a twin in the same hospital, the Medical Director said the hospital followed due process.

Contrary to claims by Gabulja family that they made several efforts to claim the body of their dead twin, Mr Sorofonyo said the hospital followed due process by announcing on air for persons who have bodies in the hospital to come for them.

He claimed the family did not come for the body of the premature baby and hospital had to bury it.

When he was asked on which radio station the announcement was made he did not say.


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