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Tramadol drivers soar in Ashanti region – Road Safety boss


The Ashanti regional chapter of Ghana Road Safety Commission has this year 2018 recorded 14 tramadol and other drug related accidents for the month of April alone.

The number according to authorities has been on steady increase since late December last year 2017 and that most drivers involved were found to be between the ages of 23 and 30 years.
According to the Ashanti regional Boss for Ghana Road Safety Commission Ing. Samuel Asiamah, the abuse of tramadol plus other drugs is on a high dominance among floating drivers since they are not under the control and supervision of any station master who will bring them under check.

Tramadol intake per his indication is prevalent among drivers plying areas including Tafo, Suame, Bremang, Afrancho, Kronom and Pankrono.
Disclosing the reason for the rise in the substance abuse among drivers in the region, Ing Asiamah underlined exclusively to PRESS RADIO that most commercial drivers have shunned alcohol to these drugs since it is hard to detect the intake of Tramadol by law enforcement agencies.

Ing Asiamah Samuel made a sharp disclosure that there is currently no device to detect the drug
(tramadol) after it has been taken by a driver unlike alcohol since the former works directly within the blood stream and can only be detected at the lab. “ The worrying aspect is that some drivers who have fallen for this drug take them before reporting to their respective transport stations at the blind side of their station masters”, he revealed.
For Ing Asiamah, most commercial drivers are of the wrong perception that Tramadol intake including other related drugs enhance their strength, make them adventurous and drive for many hours.

As a way of reducing to the barest minimum the foregoing canker including its attendant menace, Ashanti regional Chapter of Road Safety Commission according to Ing Asiamah is lazing its boots to
enforce and intensify public education on the dangers of Tramadol and drug abuse and take away the bad perception among drivers that the intake of the drug make them active behind the steering wheel. The commission he announced are in talks with authorities of DVLA, Police and FDA as in the coming out of a device that can detect the intake of the drug during street checks.


Source: www.thepressradio.com / Enock Akonnor

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