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11-year-old boy models an impressive concrete storey building

Model story building being constructed by Joshua Yakubu

Residents of Kumasi couldn’t help but be amazed by an impressive brick-and-mortar model-story building put up by an 11-year-old boy, Joshua Yakubu.

A viral video spotted by GhanaWeb showed the impressive edifice in front of the young boy’s house as passers-by admire the brick-and-mortar model story building.

The model two-story building had the ground floor completed with a remarkable semi-circle-shaped staircase leading to the top of the second floor. The second floor, which was partially completed, had different compartments and showed projections of iron rods from the first floor.

What impressed onlookers the most was the boy’s ability to give the pillars in front of the model building a round shape and the shape of the staircase.

One of the men who was amazed by the 11-year-old’s talent said that he (the boy) should be sent to a tertiary technical institution to harness his talent.

He urged individuals and organizations that are in the construction industry to take on the boy and give him the necessary training and mentorship.

“The boy you are seeing here is a future architect. Look, this is handy work. Is it not amazing… He lives in Kumasi, in a community called Dedesia.

“His name is Joshua Yakubu… if we are able to support such a talent, he will one day become a construction genius. He was even able to construct pillars. This is a complete building he has put up. This boy should be taking to K Poly as soon as he completes junior high school,” he said in Twi.

Other onlookers could be heard saying that this boy has created something wonderful.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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